Answers to our most frequently asked questions

How long will I be without my device?

In-store appointment repair times can be completed in as little as 60 minutes however this is subject to stock availability and the complexity of the repair service in question. As an overall promise, we aim to provide same day repairs.

Is Your Repair Work Guaranteed?

We hold the highest confidence in all of our repair services. We proudly back all our repairs with premium parts for lifetime and 90 days for all aftermarket parts, which covers any parts and labour. Rest assured we stand behind all our repairs 100% and extensively train our technicians to treat your device with the utmost care.

We do not quibble over warranty claims however we must stress that the warranty is null and void should there be any cosmetic damage shown on the device after the repair date.

Is my device data safe?

Devices now control everything, we understand that you need to trust the company who will be handling the device in your absence, we have taken special measures and implemented the correct systems to make sure that all of your sensitive data is kept safe at all times. We always recommend that you back up and erase your device for extra security however this may not always be possible, in order to test the device and complete our checks to the highest standard we would need the access code. This code is only accessible by your acting account manager and is not passed on to anyone else. 

All of our technicians, customer service staff, and managers have been fully DBS checked as standard during the introduction to employment by SimplyFixIT.

I Have A Busy Schedule, Can You Accommodate?

Life and schedules can be tricky, this in mind we have opened our customer service levels even further - We operate 7 Days A Week.

Will I be updated throughout the repair process?

We have been repairing devices for many years - we understand that customer communication is key to being able to give a second to none service. We have a specially designed system in order to automatically update you every step of the way via email and sms. These are real time updates so that you are kept in the loop along side our customer account managers. 

Am I Able To Speak To Someone - Or Can I Only Book Online?

In Short - YES! We have a full customer service team ready to help with your requests. You can always reach out to us via social media or just a quick call to the store for any queries.

Will You Wipe My Device?

We always recommend that you back up your personal data before bringing the device to us. However this is not always possible, maybe you do not want the extra hassle of completing this task and that's perfectly understandable. 

We will leave the device data exactly how we find it. However, with every repair there is a small probability of thins going wrong and hence we do not take responsibility of any sensitive data being lost during the repair. Should we need to complete a software flash we will only go ahead and do this once we have contacted you and obtained your full permission to do so.